Thursday, January 5, 2012

Growing Hearts

Each year the place where I work hosts a group of underprivileged children from the local area during the holidays to give them a grand Christmas party. A chance for them to feel like the center of attention, to have a fuss made over them through an afternoon of laughter and fun activities and tasty snacks. During the first few weeks of December, distribution boxes for Toys for Tots are set out around site and folks are called upon to donate. For a while now I have made it part of my ritual to buy two nice toys, one for a little boy and one for a little girl, to add to the pile. It is actually kind of heartwarming to walk past the drop-off points and see them brimming with neat stuff for the kids.

The organizers of the event also have a tradition to supply some number of bicycles for the kids. This year was no different. For most youngsters, getting a new bike is one of the greatest things ever. It is all the more of a rush when they get something like this out of the blue. Something that not only will let their imaginations soar to new heights, but also will grow their hearts. You know what an unbelievable blessing it is by the squeals of the children and the happy tears streaming down the parent's faces.