Monday, December 27, 2010

Rejoice in the Trash

Some folks feel a distinct sense of sadness after the big build-up that is Christmas morning. After months of planning and preparation, the presents have all been opened in what seems like an instant. What was once laid out in such beautifully colored wrapping paper, festooned with sparkling bows and ribbons, is now a pile of rubble. There can be a distinct let down after the fevered cloud has dissipated. Truth be told, I tend to feel that sense of melancholy, even when my little one is bouncing around the house filled with joy and satisfaction.

This year I made the conscious choice to rejoice in the trash. To count it as a blessing that I love my child enough to prepare all of this for her. I did it all not because I had to, but because it gives me joy and fulfillment to show my love for her in this way. That pile of hastily discarded gift wrap, the beautiful bows and ribbons that have been ripped and torn from their boxes and packages and strewn about the room, there is my victory. So, rejoice in the trash.