Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mindset 6

In the Mindset series I reminisce about some of my favorite memories of my daughter's life when she was younger. I hope that the task of writing these entries will serve me well, and I hope too that you will enjoy going on this trip with me.

Today's journey takes us to visit our old routine of going out together for Saturday breakfast. Our routine each Saturday morning for several years was to head out early to our local McDonalds. We got the same thing each and every week. Two orders of hotcakes, four mini-tubs of syrup, four containers of butter, and two small OJs. We then took our order over to my office building on the University campus and set out our breakfast feast in the conference room across from my office. I then prepared our plates and we dug in. We survived weeks where they forgot the syrup and/or the butter, where they did not put utensils in the bag, and one week where they gave us one order of hotcakes and the other was mistakenly scrambled eggs. After breakfast we would then spent a few hours drawing on the white boards in the conference room. Usually we would each take a turn drawing some object in the room and the other would try to guess what the object was. We always found a way to make our outing a fun adventure. Today our weekend breakfast adventure has changed in some ways. For example, we no longer get up early and head out for breakfast. Somewhere along the way, my little one decided that she would rather sleep in on her weekends and watch T.V. with breakfast while relaxing in her PJs. Hey, I can't blame her. Instead of hotcakes from McDonalds, I make them myself. Even though we don't venture out of the house, we both still look forward to our weekend breakfast together. We still make it an adventure.