Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Parrot

A man can utter the most eloquent or pointed words, but if there is no soul behind them, they are essentially worthless. Smooth and slick, resonant yet empty. If you speak but not from your heart, if you repeat the party line but have not taken ownership of your tongue, then those words are hollow and transparent. I love yous to a stranger. Perhaps you are nothing more than a parrot. Sometimes though, you like to try your daddy's shoes on for the fun of it, to see how they feel or what you might aspire to one day. But at some point, if those shoes don't fit, then everyone will bear witness as you often stumble and fall. Choose your words carefully and voice only what you claim as your own truth ...

It's amazing how many random phrases from pop culture are floating around in my brain. Hardly a day goes by where I am not dropping a line from Seinfeld, Monty Python, Family Guy, or South Park. It has gotten to the point that often after I say something witty (or that I perceive as witty - betrayed by a silly grin on my face) that my daughter will ask me where it came from. If I tell her that I made it up, she stares back at me in disbelief. When I then assure her that I do have some original thoughts of my own, she shakes her head knowingly. She has a parrot for a daddy.