Thursday, June 24, 2010

Turn Signal Test

Over the years that I have been driving on America's highways and byways, I have become convinced that a sure sign of spiritual maturity in others is that they regularly, consistently, and properly use the turn signals in their vehicles. Furthermore, I am quite certain that we would witness this statement in action if cars and trucks existed back in the early first century and Jesus was a licensed driver. I bet you could discretely follow him from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee and back and he would always follow the rules of the road. Let me just let these statements percolate in your minds for a bit ...

It has long been one of my pet peeves to follow behind drivers and have them make turn after turn and never once signal their intention. Not only is it dangerous to be reckless in the presence of other people sharing the roadways, but it is also amazingly selfish. It seems to me that people who do not use their turn signals do not give a rip about anyone else on the road with them. Perhaps they think that turn signals are optional. Not true. Perhaps they think that they are so important that they don't need to bother. Certainly not true. Perhaps they think that signaling their intent to turn or suddenly cut me off in traffic has nothing to do with roadway safety. Again, no.

The other day I was stuck behind a line of a half dozen vehicles that all came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the road. One by one, each of them turned into a local church parking lot. I was incredulous. Aren't church-going folk supposed to believe in the importance of their fellow man? You would think that folks such as these would be especially mindful of the needs of others. They would be among the first to be considerate and courteous in their direct and indirect interactions with others. Although this entry is a bit tongue in cheek, doesn't lack of proper use of a turn signal indicate some systematic selfishness of folks?