Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time, Distance, and Circumstances

I hate not being there with you and for you. Time, distance, and circumstances ...

I hate when lack of time steals our moments ...
   to talk about things
    to work on projects important to you
     to teach you lessons you need to understand
      to laugh about the silly things
       to cry about the sad things

I hate when distance gets in the way of our moments ...
   to watch you in your big event
    to cheer for you at your important game
     to tuck you in at night and read you a story
      to hug you when you need it
       to go for a long walk together

I hate when circumstances don't allow me ...
   to be with you at the doctor's office
    to talk to you when you are scared
     to talk to you about your day
      to go out for ice cream for a special treat
       to tell you about things important to me

Time, distance, and circumstances ... but know this,
you always have my heart.