Monday, June 21, 2010

God's Will

Recently my friend Rob was delivering a sermon at Waters Edge Church on discerning God's will. What was notable, and perhaps remarkable, is that Rob stated that he doesn't have a "fat clue" as to what God's will is. You would think that a man of God, preacher, teacher, servant, professional, would tend to have an inside path to God's will. He felt that God is too big for him to claim to have anything figured out about God. He further stated that in his 30+ years, he has only felt the presence of the Holy Spirit of God (that whisper or feeling or prodding that Christians sense) only a half dozen times in his life. I like Rob, can claim that I have sensed the presence of the Spirit just a few times as well.

Recently I had a good friend that I was getting quite close with. I felt God's hand on the relationship and felt his blessing. However, we crossed over a threshold that I believe firmly should not have been crossed over. All at once my sense of God's blessing on the relationship disappeared. I prayed and sought God but heard nothing. I asked him to make clear his will to me in a way that I could understand. I believe that he told me I was not to be with this person again. I heard and I obeyed. Now I don't know for certain what God's will was in that situation. Perhaps my own conscience was running amok. However, I would rather obey what I think God's will is even if I am not 100% certain I have understood him perfectly. This seems to be the mark of obedience.