Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dust in the Wind

Disclaimer: As I am wandering through my mid-life crisis, I tend to have a lot of negative, depressing, and maudlin thoughts. This is one of them that makes me feel kind of sick inside. I pray that it fades from my mind and doesn't come back.

Walls covered in a child's love expressed through colorful artwork now slightly faded with time, snow-flake cut-outs and banners taped to the cabinets, expressive cards and hand-made crafts cover the shelves. They were made just for me. They express a child's love and creative output just for her daddy. Each item unique, each contains a bundle of memories, each one very special and important and meaningful to me. However, they only contain their value through my eyes. What happens to this childhood of love when I am gone? The answer is obvious, someone will come through and brashly reclaim the spaces that I once used to occupy. I can hear the grumbling remarks about "look at all this junk". It will all follow me into the ground. I knew my time was finite, but I also held onto the words on the bottom of one of the drawings she gave me, Daddy, I love you forever!!! It seems like dust in the wind.