Saturday, June 5, 2010


I've come to notice more and more that people generally tend to be oblivious to the presence of others around them. On the one hand that might be considered a favorable development. I think it is certainly beneficial to individuals when they can carry out necessary tasks or get on with living their lives in the presence of others in the world at large. However, what bothers me is when folks are involved in negative, distasteful, rude, or hurtful actions in public and are either unaware of their offenses or simply don't care.

The other day I was walking into the local mall with my little one when a young lady walked by us talking loudly on her cell phone. As she passed, she was cussing up a blue streak that would have made Richard Pryor blush. I can only guess that because she was engaged in a private phone call, she became so absorbed that her attention and her filter for acceptable public behavior were affected. However, my dear, you were very much in public and your actions were unacceptable. It is not like I was entering into your private space. You were out in the community, among other individuals. Next time, save your guttermouth for places where neither I nor my child has to be impacted by your low class, rude, and boorish behavior.