Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two to One

With each alpha there comes an omega. With each sunrise, a sunset follows. Sometimes with the end of a relationship, the decision is made by us, sometimes it is made for us. Some start passionately with intense fever and then just as quickly flame out. Others grow from a sweet infancy through a long, vigorous, and sustained life. Some develop organically, and some are thrust upon us by circumstances or geography. It matters not though, as each has a purpose and a time.

Relationships have always puzzled me, and I am quite sure that I will never fully understand why some flourish, others implode, and still other just seem to wither away. Even when we feel a strong bond with another, things can fall apart. I have the feeling that some are done in by small seeds sowed in us along the way, seeds that we might never even be aware of. Much to our dismay and surprise, they lurk under the surface until they germinate and take root at just a certain moment.

Some relationships we revel in, others we are happy or relieved or satisfied over their demise. Some we cling to, others we run from. Sometimes the other person has changed against our will. Sometimes we have changed or, perhaps, understood a little better what we wanted or what we didn't want. I also feel that sometimes God just doesn't bless certain unions, even when we think it is what we wanted going in. He might just be making it clear that he has something different in store for us. There is another path that we are supposed to follow.

When you feel that you are broken, that you will never find what you are looking for in a relationship, when you come to doubt yourself, don't get too discouraged. As long as we continue to live and be open, there will be hope.