Monday, March 22, 2010

Grind My Gears 15

Today's rant is dedicated to all the drivers out there on the road who are apparently trying to kill me or harm me in some manner or just plain annoy me. You know who you are. You all really grind my gears. This list includes:
  • People who systematically run red lights.
  • People who block intersections on purpose.
  • People who cut off emergency vehicles on their way to emergencies.
  • People who don't use their turn signals.
  • People who bypass the turning lane and then make the turn from the main road.
  • People who zig and zag through traffic with constant lane changes.
  • People who dive in front of me with just a few car lengths to go before a stop light.
  • People who drive expensive cars and park all day in the 20-minute-only parking spot.
  • People who try harder to look cool than to be good drivers.
  • People who think that their cars are phone booths on the highway.
  • People who drive more than 10 miles per hour under the posted speed limit.
  • People who drive with their blinker flashing without even noticing it.
  • People who own vehicles larger than the Titanic.
  • People who don't wait their turn at a four-way stop.
  • People who don't know the rules of the road.
  • People who drive on my bumper when I am going the speed limit.
  • People who drive vehicles that belch choking smoke from their tail pipes.
  • People who park their vehicles and take up more than a single parking space.
  • People who have no disabilities yet park in the handicapped spot anyway.
  • People who text while they drive.