Sunday, March 28, 2010


In some things, it's all what you make of it. It's all about your attitude. Some chores in life we just do and never give them a second thought. Others are viewed with dread and distaste. Bah, pure drudgery. Certainly I am no different in this regard.

One task folks seem to abhor is the weekly grocery shopping. For the most part, this is one thing that I have never minded doing. In fact, oftentimes I really look forward to going to the supermarket. The idea of preparing a plan for weekly meals and snacks has always kind of energized me. I love planning out wonderful meals for myself and my daughter. The thought of creating something that will bring joy fills my spirit. It is one of the "love languages" with which I can communicate fairly well.

Another chore on a typical list is doing the laundry. Lately I have made an effort to have my daughter help me with folding the clothes. It is a time where we can talk and be together. We are doing a chore, but before you know it, we have grown closer and had a good time and somehow the clothes got folded and put away.

I suspect that grocery shopping and folding laundry need not be the only chores where I can make something more than boring routine and nagging tedium. I can find ways to make sure my to-do list gets completed while adding value to my day. See what you can do.