Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ode to Lint

A cup of water doth pour
as I reach toward the floor,
tis a bit strange say I
as I say my goodbye
to the mysterious wad
'twas tucked into my bod.

According to the fount of all knowledge, i.e. Wikipedia (as if I had to even tell you), the existence of navel lint is entirely harmless and requires no corrective action. This is opposed to the existence of naval lint, which requires a dedicated HazMat team and placement of the affected individual in a quarantine chamber for up to 30 days (according to the site:

Anyway, what has me really perplexed, is how much water can be stored in a typical navel cavity even though the space is fully packed with a material measured to be as absorbent as a new ShamWOW! (you'll say WOW everytime!). Inquiring minds want to know.