Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A to Z Blocks

Today's blog comes from an idea that I shamelessly and without permission stole and/or purloined directly from my friend robshep, who himself "borrowed" it from a friend. It is a simple A to Z, alpha to omega list of the things I like.

A - A is for Athens - As in Athens, OH. Where I came to know the Lord and started to grow up.
B - B is for Bruegel - My favorite artist, Pieter Bruegel. His works inspire me and wrap me in their settings.
C - C is for Chicken Kickers from Dominos - They cause me to drool all over the front of my shirt. Yum!
D - D is for - My blog and outlet for expression.
E - E is for endocrine glands - Can't get enough of the thyroid, the adrenals, and the pituitary.
F - F is for food - A consistent and tasty source of enjoyment, even on days when the world kicks you in the slats.
G - G is for grilled cheese sandwiches - My special lunch time fare on weekends.
H - H is for house - Love having my own special hide-away.
I - I is for ice cream - As in pistachio ice cream, my all-time favorite. Such yummy green goodness.
J - J is for java - A hot, steaming cup 'o joe sets everything right and perky.
K - K is for Kit-Kat bars - Awesome candy bar, especially in the Big Kat version!
L - L is for laughter - A wonderful gift that the world needs so much.
M - M is for Maddie - My special little girl.
N - N is for nachos - If I could, I would become Mr. Dan Nacho.
O - O is for openness - A trait that I wish myself and my fellow humans would learn to develop.
P - P is for Pinky and the Brian - the best cartoon ever and the wellspring of all of my ideas.
Q - Q is for quarks - What I study in my "confining" work. Three quarks for Muster Mark!
R - R is for R.E.M. - A band whose music I love and whose expressiveness I appreciate. So much more than just "jangley guitars".
S - S is for science - My vocation and avocation. Source of the big bucks and all the prestige!
T - T is for television - A place to relax and unwind. Hey, if you live vicariously through this magic box, you don't have to live your own life!
U - U is for University - I achieved one of my career goals of becoming a professor at Ohio University. A big part of my resume.
V - V is for Virginia - Where I have lived for 7 years (not continuously) and where so many big parts of my life have been lived.
W - W is for WEC - My most awesome church. Check it out online.
X - X is for X-cetera - Saving me from having to list every ding-dang thing out when I write essays, stories, blogs, etc.
Y - Y is for you - My loyal readers. Thanks for stopping by.
Z - Z is for Zoo - My times at the Columbus and Norfolk zoos with my little one are treasures that we both hold deeply.