Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gentle Thunder

I just complete my third Max Lucado book of the year, A Gentle Thunder. This trilogy of books was given to me by my mother for a Christmas present. On my 5-star scale, the first two books, In the Eye of the Storm and He Still Moves Stones, received 4-star ratings. I gave this most recent book a 3-star rating. The book's main theme is that God will do whatever it takes to get our attention, but he will leave the choice for action to us. God's thunder is still gentle, and his gentleness still thunders.

The book uses the gospel of John as the start point for most of its chapters. A verse or two from John, followed by a story to illustrate. The stories range from biblical, to historical, to contemporary. Some are fictional, some are real. The book is basically a "feel good" Christian read, but without a strong binding thread. That sounds like a slam or a criticism, but it really is not meant to be. Each chapter of the book is essentially a stand-alone lesson or illustration. Each story was enjoyable and clear. Some illustrations were very convicting, some compelling, some humorous. Nothing too deep or arcane. Nothing that would require outside study or spoon-feeding. Just a good, warm, and thoughtful Christian read with lots of direct link to scripture.

When you were in trouble, you called, and I saved you. I answered you with thunder. Psalm 8:17