Thursday, February 11, 2010

Artistic Vision

Having known a few bloggers over the last couple of years, there seems to be a bit of a friendly rivalry for whose blog has the greatest number of followers or the greatest number of comments on each post. Personally speaking, I can say that having people who follow or comment on my blog is really kind of neat. I get a certain satisfaction out of knowing that some folks read my writing, either just to support me or to get something out of it.

We have all seen the stereotypical tantrum-throwing diva on T.V. or in the headlines. If they are asked to compromise their "artistic vision" even one tiny iota, they go into meltdown mode. Hysteria, screaming, foot stomping, ego-inflated hissy fits. Hmmm, ..., artistic vision. What if you were told that if you compromised your blogistic vision, stopped writing about what interested you or what resonated with you, you could increase your following by ten-fold or one hundred-fold? Would you do it? For me, my blog is not a competition. While I enjoy some attention and positive feedback, I will continue to follow my vision for what I want to write about. Careful, or I might just throw a tantrum that would make Naomi Campbell blush!