Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dusty Attic

Writing a blog with regularity is akin to emptying out an old attic. Initially the space is overflowing with boxes and crates, odds and ends, bits and pieces. Removing one item each day does little in the short term to clean out the site. However, after an extended period, the room is noticeably emptier. Sooner than you might think, you have to look diligently and dig for anything of substance. Sooner than you might think, the life history that one relies on for new ideas and posts, starts to run a bit thin. What's left is more dust and shadow than form and substance. Where once there was a wellspring of fertility and long lists of possibilities, there is now searching and seeking for something from the outside. One will eventually run out of stories to tell.

At times I think my attic of ideas and things to consider is pretty much empty. It is just then that I find a forgotten alcove that contains a trove of new possibilities, at least for a time. I should state clearly that repetition and empty thought is not where I wish to journey. There is a time for all things to come to an end. For me and my blog, that time may be sooner or it may be later. I don't yet have a full sense of how this will play out, but for now, I continue on, not because I feel pressure or a sense of duty, but because it brings me fulfillment, contentment, perspective, and purpose.