Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nest Soilers

I have a gripe today, one that really gets my knickers in a twist. One that causes my pot to boil. My gripe is with people who have no reservations, not the slightest hesitation, about soiling their own nests. There are people out there who give absolutely no thought to littering in their own yards, to spitting all over their walkways, to letting the publicly viewable parts of their property fall into disrepair and ruin due to neglect and self-vandalism. I happen to have lived in an apartment complex for the past couple of years and am left totally exasperated by these people - they don't give a second thought to their living conditions. But what makes it worse, to the level of maddening frustration on my part, is that in large part, their nest is my nest. I have to walk through their garbage piles, slalom around their pools of disgusting saliva, and be an eye-witness to the hovel they allow their units to become. These people turn the grounds of the complex into a slum and they are completely indifferent to it. It this somehow viewed as acceptable or cool in their minds? Do they even consider that they are living in a community with other people? What about the Boy Scout motto "Try and leave this world a little better than you found it"? The way that I am feeling now, I think it would be entirely appropriate for these words to be tattooed directly onto the chests of all offenders. And yes, they should be tattooed with only light anesthesia! Now that's your vigilante justice right there.