Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Love Letter

When was the last time you wrote a love letter to someone you were pursuing or to your significant other? Did you approach the body with subtle tones or overt suggestion? Did you rely on your own words and style or did you borrow from another (ala Cyrano De Bergerac)? Would someone who knew you recognize your letter as distinctly you or did you step outside your comfort zone and open up? Were your words filled with flattery and sweetness, perhaps poetry, or laced with spice and fire? I have written a love letter or two in my time. My prose tends to be an uneasy truce, or better yet, a delicate balance, between words and sentiments planned and wrestled with over several days and stream of consciousness urgings from deep in my soul. With most letters of this kind, after a draft is prepared, I like to sit back with it and kind of drink it in. I let my expressions wash over me. I even like to read them out loud. Often I don't change a single word as my heart has done a reasonable job leading my hand along the path. One thing that I have been pondering is how letters of this sort are received. If you have gotten a love letter from someone, how did it make you feel or react to the other person? What if it was from someone that maybe you were not particularly interested in pursuing?