Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Times

I think that I have a pretty good sense of humor, although I am not the type of person who can stand in front of a brick wall and rattle off an hour's worth of rib-tickling material. My humor and style are more reactionary. I tend to observe and comment, and at times, I think my commentary can be right up there with the great ones. Also, as strange, and maybe, as conceited or self-absorbed as this may sound, I like to read my own writing. There are times when I read something that I have written and I can still get the giggles. I attribute this to the fact that maybe some of my thoughts were just floating about in the ether, waiting for someone to come along and take hold of them. It could have been anyone, it just so happened that I was passing by at that moment.

Given that I have posted more than a hundred blogs, I have prepared quite a bit of material. I have explored a host of different topics, writing styles, and points of view. Every now and then, I like to poke around my blog corral, kind of kick the tires on some of my old thoughts. It is fun to see if my point of view has changed, and as ideas ruminate in my brain, I want to be sure that I don't repeat repeat myself (at least not too often). As I was perusing some of my old posts, I came across some random phrases and descriptors that made me smile, and I made a brief list of some of the more inane ones. Hope you enjoy these as much as I have.
  1. Thinning Hare - a single bunny death is a tragedy
  2. Edible Fungus - hammering away at various cuts of meat with an old broom handle
  3. Old Man Transition - wrinkled old man-hag
  4. Make it Stop - obligatory retching sounds
  5. Foul Emanations - malodorous, loathsome, putrid pie hole
  6. Kooky Finger Snaps - granola-munching radical
  7. Extreme Environment - sullied, yellow precipitation
  8. Phobias - sickofmyownschtickophobia
  9. Timid Sheep - natural Orwellian aversion response
  10. Unexpected Nudity - kooky drying aerobics thing
  11. Groupies! - flabby, white, pasty man boobs
  12. Fiber and Old Age - chicory in my Funyuns
  13. Four Stages of Lost - strange, he wasn't known for his singing
  14. Belief to Believe - robot from the planet CrEmi-NuGat V
  15. The Birds and Bees - trying to spontaneously combust
  16. Skunk Juice - skunk juice -- I'm hit
  17. Road Rage!! - so many exclamation points
  18. Ode to the Potato - honor the potato
  19. Ahh Bach! - low-level atom-smashing jockey
  20. The Greatest Show Ever - reside in some Aleutian fishing village