Thursday, March 5, 2009

House IV

I have been considering status symbols that we have in our society. Some things come to mind. How about a fancy sports car, perhaps shiny gold jewelry, or even loud diamond chains? If you are an international playboy, you might feel pressure to acquire what is known as a "trophy wife" or "trophy girlfriend". I am a simple man, living what some might consider a spartan lifestyle. Think of a frugal Amish man, and you have a pretty good picture of how I go about my existence. I actually suppose that I should have used the past tense in my description of myself. I have now defined a new status symbol. One that I have a strong inkling will sweep across the country like a California wildfire. What is it you ask? Well be patient, I was just about to tell you. I am trying to build up an appropriate level of titillating excitement. My new status symbol is the number of ceiling fans one has in their house. I have just done a tour through my new domain and have counted 9 ceiling fans. If this doesn't set me apart as one together (if you will, cool) and status-y person, then I can't fathom what would. Now I will start to ponder a catchy new name for my house, err, my estate. I understand "The Breakers", "The Marble House", "Monticello", and "San Simeon" are taken, so if you have suggestions let me know. Given my new hip and trendy station in life, I must be off now to shave my chin curtain.

Part 4 of a moving 6 part series.