Tuesday, March 10, 2009

House V

The truck backed into the driveway and lurched to a halt. The doors were opened and the crew piled out, ready to start lugging the boxes and appliances and furniture. It took about six hours of hard labor to pack and unpack the truck twice, and to finally stake my claim of ownership. The basis of this claim was the piles of clutter placed in the different rooms. The old flag came down and the new was raised. The moving in was very much like every other that I have been through, very typical. If any of you have been through a move, you can easily picture the scene, how it all went. Lots of heavy lifting, moving awkward pieces through and around a narrow maze of doorways and walls. Back and forth, back and forth. Thank God for the help of my dear friends Bill, Stew, and Kevin, and the constant support and loving spirit of my daughter Maddie. They stepped up and made their time, energy, and enthusiasm available without my even having to ask. They put their own lives on hold for an entire afternoon. They have my gratitude and my respect.

Part 5 of a moving 6 part series.