Thursday, January 15, 2009

Unexpected Nudity

It's funny how we react around folks without their clothes on. Now I'm now talking about our reactions in the boudoir, that is the topic for another post (probably on someone else's blog). I'm not even talking about how we behave around the guys in the locker room, which is itself a very interesting culture. I am talking about our reactions when we happen upon someone who is sans fig leaf in an unexpected place or situation. I am sure that we have all either innocently walked into an occupied bathroom or changing room or had the same thing done to us (like the time when I was in the Charles DeGalle airport in Paris - yikes). Think back to how you reacted or how the other person reacted. Sometimes, just the simple act of seeing someone naked can alter a relationship permanently. What is the big deal? Why does exposure lead to such outcomes? Is it that the walls or images that we have been trying so hard to build up are instantly brought down?

The other day at work, I went into one of the bathrooms where there is a small shower stall. However, I have never seen anybody use this facility. When I walked into this undersized bathroom, there was this man standing there, totally in the buff, doing some kooky drying aerobics thing with his towel between his legs. My initial uncontrolled reaction was to audibly yelp, stare at his twig and berries in shock, and then try to cover this less than manly action with a quick "how ya doin'" in my deepest voice. I was so uncomfortable - I hastened through my business and got the heck out of there. I have no idea how shower guy felt about all this. Maybe he didn't give it another thought. Maybe he is now in therapy. Maybe he thinks that I need therapy.