Friday, January 9, 2009


Picture the scene. A group of physicists is driving along in their 1978 AMC Gremlin to a scientific conference. According to popular belief, they all have glasses that are broken and repaired with tape, each has a pocket protector filled with assorted writing implements, and each is decked out in high-water pants pulled up to their flabby, white, pasty man boobs and old-man-type Florsheims. Here they are, your classic nerds. Each smells a bit and sports oily hair as they don't like to bathe. They love to talk in a strange, geeky syntax that only they understand. Now back to our intrepid crew, driving along, with plucky determination toward their destination. Would you be surprised if a gaggle of screaming devotees drove up alongside our heroes? They bear the unmistakeable scent of groupies. Faces painted, posters of scientific formulas, screams of "We ♥ you" (in hexadecimal, of course). Ahh, in such a world I could be king, ..., (73 69 67 68 21).