Monday, June 10, 2013

Grind My Gears 33

It has been a few months since I posted an entry in my Grind My Gears blog series. You might think that this is because I haven't had anything in particular to gripe about. You might also be a cretin who may or may not have a long history with bedwetting. The real problem is that there have been so many petty annoyances that have been plaguing my existence that I have become completely saturated. Saturated to the point of bloated inaction. However, something came along that broke through the slimy surface tension that had been holding me back. That something turned out to be technology. I can only say most emphatically that advanced technology really grinds my gears. Don't try to convince me otherwise. I became hip to this gear-grinding jive the other day when I had to leave my laptop computer at the repair shop for some buffing and grinding. Perhaps there was a little nip a little tuck, some lipo and some implants. This separation resulted in a most horrible day for me. I kept reaching over to the place where my computer normally sits on my desk, only to be reminded that it was gone. It didn't help that this was the only spot on my desk not stained by coffee and a thick layer of dust and grease. The issue is that high technology folks make these insidious devices that are so clever, so useful, so necessary, that they become a part of us. When they are ripped from our grubby little fingers, we melt down into a pool of needy, clingy goo. If these introverted nerds had not invented such superb technology, we would never have had to be subjected to such aching loss.