Friday, June 28, 2013

Brother Odd

The third novel in the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz is entitled Brother Odd. After the recent draining and harrowing exploits of everyman Odd Thomas, Odd has decided that the needs a break from the only place on Earth that he has ever lived, the small desert down of Pico Mundo, CA. Odd considers himself a regular Joe, nothing exceptional or special or deserving of a second notice. However, he has the unique ability to interact with lingering spirits, those souls who, for one reason or another, have chosen not to move on to their eternal rest. After surviving the terror plot to destory Pico Mundo by satanists in Odd Thomas and barely escaping with this skin from a psychopathic demon worshipper in Forever Odd, Odd has come to the difficult but necessary decision to go away from his hometown for a time. Away from the ghosts and their issues, away from the sinister bodach spirits that ravenously glory in death and hurt, away from the people who are not sure who or what he is. With help from the uncle of his deceased financée, he moves to an isolated monastery high in the Sierras. His only plan is to work for his food, reflect on his life, and escape the world for a time.

For a short period, Odd finds what he is looking for. He becomes a part of the monastery, well liked and appreciated, and a valuable member of the community. This monastery, St. Bartholomew's, serves as a school and rehabilitation center for cast out children, those who have been abused or wounded beyond repair. A great gift of Odd's is his ability to interact with the children and to help them build trust and self-respect with his humbleness and his genuine brand of love. Yet the small slice of peace that Odd finds does not last for long when one of the monks goes missing and shortly thereafter, the bodachs start arriving. The origin of the bodachs is unclear, but Odd has learned through painful experience that when death is near, they appear in droves. To make matters worse, the monastery is suddenly cut off from the outside when a massive snow storm hits. As Odd begins to follow his instincts, he comes across a new breed of seemingly otherworldly demons that look like killing machines. It is up to Odd to learn of their source and to find a way to protect the special children of the school.

Another fine work that will give you something to think about as you work your way through. Just because we can, does it mean we should? Koontz gives us some morality issues to ponder. Now onto the next part of the story, Odd Hours.