Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Depends Moment

I recently wrote about the loss that I felt on the day that my computer and I spent separated from each other (see Grind My Gears 33). My laptop needed a few repairs that were necessary due to the normal wear and tear such portable devices incur. Such "normal" wear and tear may have been caused by a heavy thermos bottle doing an elbow drop on the top of the computer screen or possibly a trusted computer carrying case strap developing a case of Alzheimers and forgetting its purpose in life, causing a valuable computer to plummet earthward and making contact with the pavement in a sickening thud.

Now it was bad enough that I had to be separated from my loved one, but I had a truly Depends moment when I went to the repair shop to pick it up after its harrowing incarceration. What is a "Depends moment" you ask? ... Well, it is a moment where you are so scared that you tinkle your britches and you either wish you were wearing adult diapers or thankful that you remembered to suit up on your way out of the house in the morning. What happened was that I was casually chatting with the lady at the register when the tech-dude brought out the assortment of pieces shown in the above photograph. There was no computer in his hands, just parts. When I turned bleach white, he recognized my pathetic condition and assured me that everything would be alright. These parts were just what he replaced. He then led me back to the recovery room where my baby was waiting to be taken home.