Friday, January 4, 2013


The second part of author Alison Goodman's Dragoneye series is entitled Eona and picks up where the story of Eon left off. There we met a young lady who had secretly lived as a boy, rise to the position of kingdom Dragoneye. Each of the twelve Dragoneyes command their dragons that reside in the energy realm in the effort to maintain harmony between nature and the people. Apart from the supreme emperor himself, the Dragoneyes represent the most powerful group in the land. At the end of Eon the kingdom is in turmoil. The emperor is dead. His son and rightful heir to the throne, Prince Kygo, has been forced to flee for his life as Sethon, the emperor's brother, has swept in with force to claim the throne. The Dragoneye for the Rat Dragon, the evil and powerful Lord Ido, who had been in league with Sethon, has killed all of the other Dragoneyes except for Eon. Yet when he betrays Sethon he is tortured to within an inch of his life and hung in chains deep in the palace's prison. Without the Dragoneyes presence to protect the land, order in nature is completely lost.

In the story of Eona, Lord Eon must accept her true destiny as Lady Eona, the Dragoneye of the Mirror Dragon, the queen of the dragons. Yet accepting this destiny seems impossible. She is under the pull of the demands to use her powers to save the kingdom and restore balance to the land, the demands of her emperor, the enticing lure of the seemingly endless power promised by Lord Ido, the sense of loyalty to her friends, and the haunting call of her ancestors. Every powerful force in the earthly plane and the celestial plane seems to be tearing her in a different direction. Everyone seems to have their own agenda, their own allegiances, and their own betrayals. Adding to her desperation is the fact that Eona has no understanding of how to control her dragon, which forces her to rely on Lord Ido. A man whose words are always enigmas wrapped around lies and half truths. Yet despite all of this, Eona finally comes to understand the truth of the dragons and what her destiny is calling her to do. Impossible choices that mean death for some and life for others. Great story telling that pulled me in.