Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Definitive Proof

I have often considered the notion of how my Christianity shapes my life. How does my belief in God affect how I live? If someone were to observe me for a time, would they know that I am a Christian? How do the outward behaviors and actions in my life reflect who I am? Sometimes I am dubious that others around me would ever guess that I am a man of faith. Perhaps it is how I gossip, how I guard my money, how I am antisocial, how I seem unfriendly. But this particular topic is not the one that I wanted to consider today. Instead, I wanted to consider a similar thought, but from the other side of the fence as it were. Let me just ask the question of everyone. How would your life be different if definitive proof was uncovered that God did not exist?

Now I can already see some folks blubbering that there could never be such proof. Others are reaching over to pick up their torches and pitchforks. Fine. Come and get me. But those who are willing to consider this for just a minute, might gain some insight into how their faith shapes their life. For me, there would be no reason to go to church any more, thus freeing up some of my time on Sunday nights. I would also have a bit more money in my pocket as I would not have to give to the offering. I might also not beat myself up as much for lustful thoughts and I might even enjoy the company of a few more folks in the evening, if you catch my drift. But, all of these are just "what ifs". I would like to think that my morality is not completely tied in with my faith. While thinking of others and helping the less fortunate, being considerate and generous, and loving those around you are certainly Christian ideals, I think they are also sensible and appropriate human ideals. Perhaps I would not live some aspects of my life so differently after all.