Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sippy Cup

A guy at work read somewhere of the benefits of drinking water throughout the day. He has really bought into this notion of "hydration". He has purchased for himself a big plastic bottle with a built-in straw that he now carries with him everywhere he goes. In every meeting that I sit through with him in attendance, he makes a big production of sucking down vast quantities of water from his bottle. If he passes you by in the hallway, he will bend your ear on hydration. Hydration, hydration, hydration. He had never heard of this before, and now he acts like he is the prophet of all things involving with sucking water all day long. He acts as if you don't drink water like he does, then you are not only hacking years off your existence, but you are likely a complete cretin.

It turns out that many folks behave just like my co-worker whenever they latch onto the latest craze. Today it is this hydration kick, tomorrow it will be whatever the next thing is that comes down the road. How about folks tone it down until they have at least a bit more experience and today's fad has worked its way into something a bit more solid and understood?