Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My blog has been an important device in my life to give me a place to think. Granted, some of my thoughts are clearly inane, some are just noise, but others are critical to my personal growth. I am certain that without my blog as an outlet, I would not as intentionally dive into important issues that have affected my past or could shape my future. Thoughts would bubble up into my head and just as quickly wink out, supplanted by whatever the next shiny object is that captures my attention. In this way I would never take the time to wrestle with deeper or more complex notions that could serve to give me perspective or options. I also think that I would miss out on a host of moments that I now linger over and appreciate more fully.

I have learned over the last 5 years that I have been blogging that if I don't jot down an idea as soon as it occurs to me, it quickly slips away from me and is gone. Sometimes the ideas that get away can be silly or trivial. Other times it seemed that they were important. A kernal of a notion or a concept that was promising or necessary that I held in my grasp for all too brief a moment and I let escape. Ephemeral, fleeting, fragile. Perhaps a missed opportunity that I would regret if I only remembered.