Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Encouraging Two-fer

For those who suffer from depression or who see far too much of the world around them through dark, stained glasses, seeking out positive messages can be one avenue to help reprogram their mindset. It is important to recognize that behavioral patterns that have become entrenched into our psyches over decades, cannot ordinarily be affected in any substantive manner in a short period of time. While we struggle and suffer, sources of positivity and inspiration can be a boon.

For me, pastor Charles Swindoll has also been a wonderful resource. Over the past few weeks, I went through a couple of his shorter books during my devotional times. The first was a touching and simple "mini-book" entitled For Those Who Hurt whose message is to point us to the Great Comforter who knows our hurts. God allows our suffering so that we might be prepared to comfort others, that we might not trust in ourselves, and that we might learn to give thanks in everything.

The second book was entitled Encourage Me (Caring Words for Heavy Hearts). This book is just a little pick-me-up source that can help you to find your smile in a storm. Sometimes simple reminders that we are loved, that we matter, that even though we are messed up, we still have value, can help to keep us from sinking further when the gales blow. Sometimes they can help us to hold on just a bit longer until we feel stronger.