Wednesday, October 3, 2012


You don't bring me flowers ...

You said that giving flowers was just too easy, that it was a lazy gift that required no thought. Yet you never could have imagined how much joy there was in my heart as I labored over the choices that I made for each arrangement. How I beamed at the thought of bringing you a smile, at taking your breath away. How I hoped that the gift would make you think warmly of me in the next few days when their beauty and fragrance drew you in.

You don't sing me love songs ...

You said that when I sang that it seemed that I was trying to show off. Yet I sang out of the joy in my heart. I sang because my spirit was light in your presence. The songbird doesn't warble and whistle when it feels under attack or when threatened.

For every action, there is an associated reaction, intended or not.

... any more.