Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

As I sit here today on Feb. 29, I have celebrated 45 birthdays, and have experienced 12 different leap years. This website was formed in 2008, which makes this the second leap year that I have been a blogger. Given that I did not start posting until October 2008, this represents my first opportunity to actually post on a leap day. So, in 3 sentences, I have whittled away at 45 until I am left with 1. One chance. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

While posting a blog on Feb. 29 is not an entry on my bucket list, I think that it is something that I should celebrate. Maybe I should write it as a listed item on a piece of paper and then mark it off with a bit of fanfare. Yet in every other respect, it is just another day, so why should it be so special, set apart from any other day? But that is my point here. Every day that we face the sunrise can be viewed as something special, something unique. Something to be celebrated and embraced. Who says that we shouldn't use the good china or clink our glasses in celebration on any day that we choose?