Monday, February 6, 2012

Tinfoil Hat

I wear a tinfoil hat for protection from the unwelcome intrusion of your mind probes. Trespassing beneath my projected image is strictly forbidden. What I paint on the surface is all that I will allow for your consumption. You may get a few sentences but you will not gain access to the full book. I control my outside skin very carefully so that what you ultimately see is a carefully managed facade. You see a confident man with an exciting career. You catch glimpses of me that indicate I have a good sense of humor, that I am a decent friend and father, that I am a good Christian, and that I have everything pretty much figured out. Excellent, that is what I had intended.

Take off this tinfoil hat and you might come to see a truer picture unfold of a man who struggles with low self-esteem, who regularly battles with lust, and who at times is so overburdened with regrets that he can scarcely function. Someone who too often feels devoid of value, who struggles with loneliness, depression, agoraphobia, autism, and lack of faith ... Good thing I wear this hat, for I can deftly manage who folks see when they look my way.