Wednesday, February 1, 2012

False Hustle

In the late 1970s/early 1980s I used to watch the Boston Celtics on good old WBZ-TV out of Boston. The color commentator for those telecasts was NBA Hall-of-Famer Bob Cousy. One of the things that used to frustrate him was when the Boston players would display what he termed "false hustle". Most folks who heard that expression probably had no idea what he was griping about, but I understood. In my mind false hustle is when people give energy to a situation to address another's urging or command but not to address one's true goal or calling. Cousy flared up whenever he saw that players would put on a show of increasing their energy at the urgings of their coach. However, this show lacked determined focus toward the defensive and offensive schemes the players had been drilled in.

I thought of this last Sunday when a "greeter" at my church approached me like he had downed a case of Red Bull or as if he were a morbidly obese man and I was the last piece of pie in the case. A bit later I went into Walmart and the "greeter" at the entranceway came after me with such boldness that I had to take a defensive stand. I think that both of these folks, even if their intentions were sincere, were aptly demonstrating false hustle. The energy expended was all based on the promptings and instructions from those in charge over them. For me, a gentle hand is appreciated and noticed much more than a full-court press. A greeter should always be sensitive to their guests to make them feel most welcome. That is their ultimate goal.