Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blog 2011 Recap II

As I mentioned yesterday in part 1 of this post (Blog 2011 Recap I), I wanted to share what, in my view, are my favorite posts from this past year. Most of these were borne out of some frustration that I was feeling or represented a lamentation. Sometimes just giving voice to a choking thought or a frustrating failure or a bit of melancholia can be freeing and uplifting. So, here is my own top 10 list from my posts this year (in no particular order).
  • Valleys series, Acute, Obtuse (Sep. 21,22) - A series I wrote about living with and through life's struggles.
  • Subtle series, 1, 2 (Sep. 16,17) - A series that I wrote as I struggled with a God who seems to be satisfied with being far too subtle for me.
  • Chess (Aug. 16) - A bit of inspiration that I had about finding love unexpectedly.
  • Along the Watchtower (Jun. 16) - About betrayal of trust and a broken heart.
  • Fortress (Jun. 1) - Written to someone that I badly hurt, someone who I cared for very much.
  • No Time (May 17) - About lamenting the passage of time and my daughter growing up.
  • Strange Currencies (Mar. 11) - Written about the strange things that people cling to, even when they know better.
  • airportman (Feb. 16) - Written to the wise man who needs some of his own wisdom.
  • Big Church series, I, II, III, IV (Feb. 7-10) - Written about my struggles and frustrations with my fast-growing church.
  • Perspective (Jan. 14) - Almost a bit of prose, but a piece about the beauty of perspective on the good things in life.
I hope some of these touched you as well. If you missed them, just follow the links back. See you in the 2012 recap!

(Part 2 of 2)