Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Books of 2011

I have done a lot of reading this year, finishing more than 70 books. I worked my way through most of the Ted Dekker catalog, poring through more than 20 of his novels. Man did I have some good adventures along the way. Plenty to keep my mind active and my imagination soaring. Lots to make me think and take stock. So, here is the list of my top 10 "books" for this year in no particular order. Note that I put books in quotes, because I count a series by a given author as just one entry.
  • The Circle series (Black, Red, White, Green), Ted Dekker
  • Soul Print, Mark Batterson
  • The King Raven trilogy (Hood, Scarlet, Tuck), Stephen Lawhead
  • The Dreamhouse Kings series (House of Dark Shadows, Watcher in the Woods,Gatekeepers, Timescape, Whirlwind, Frenzy), Robert Liparulo
  • Graceling and Fire, Kristin Cashore
  • Through Painted Deserts, Donald Miller
  • A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, Donald Miller
  • The Lost Books series (Chosen, Infidel, Renegade, Chaos, Lunatic, Elyon), Ted Dekker
  • Patrick, Stephen Lawhead
  • On the Anvil, Max Lucado
I am already starting to plan out my reading list for the first part of 2012 (and I have a stack of books in the queue sitting in my office). However, if you have any suggestions, please pass them along. I keep my list of reads up to date on my Shelfari page.