Monday, December 12, 2011

Funday MadLibs

Today is not Monday, despite what you calendar or PDA or SmartPhone might tell you. I declare it Funday, and seeing that this is my blog, it has now become an official decree. In what follows, I provide a post that I have partially written. I say partially, because, try as I might, I just could not think of some words that I needed. I mean, they were on the tip of my brain, but alas, would not come forth. So, on Funday, I leave it up to you to try and make some sense of my ramblings by putting you to work.

It was a                  morning, the kind that makes you want to                  your poodle across the community fairgrounds. Despite this, you have soldiered on and driven your                  car into your                  job. When you arrived, some                  left the coffee pot baking on the burner with no coffee inside, rendering it                 . You then took said coffee pot and                  him upside the head with a                  to                  some sense into him. It was not a                  scene. After dealing with the police and offering them a                 , you got back to work and spent the rest of the day                  with your many paperweights. Satisfied that you                  enough for all practical purposes, you                  and headed home, so that you can be ready to repeat this same                  tomorrow.

So, go ahead and fill in the blanks by using a permanent "Sharpie" type marker and writing directly on your computer screen. You'll have a hoot showing your boss how creative and witty you are!