Monday, April 4, 2011

What is God?

In 2009, pastor and author Graig Groeschel organized a multi-church campaign that sought to bring some element of unity and common direction amongst the different voices and the diversity. One outcome of that effort was a wonderful book called What is God Really Like?. This book collects the sermons of seventeen of the participating pastors together. Each sermon was designed to explore a specific aspect of God's character and approach. These included:

God is Strong - Francis ChanGod is Here - Dino Rizzo
God is Incomparable - Mark BattersonGod is Reconciler - Clark Mitchell
God is Certain - Andy StanleyGod is Encouraging - Rick Bezet
God is For You - John BurkeGod is Present - Perry Noble
God is Able - Jentezen FranklinGod is in Control - Greg Surratt
God is Merciful - Stovall WeemsGod is Close - Wayne Cordeiro
God is Not - Steven FurtickGod is Big - Gary Shiohama
God is Not Like Me - Toby SloughGod is More - Chris Hodges
God is Father - Craig Groeschel

This was just a wonderful set of devotionals that are easy to read and to follow. You will laugh and cry and smile and feel. A wonderful way to strengthen your knowledge and relationship with the great I AM.