Tuesday, April 12, 2011


An undertow is a phenomenon not seen from above. It refers to a strong current flowing in the depths, opposing the nominal trend on the surface. If you go swimming in such waters, do so at your own peril. The unseen forces are likely to have their own way, for the rules in that world are contrary to what you have come to know.

With the image of an undertow filling my mind, where powerful dynamics work against you or tend to pull you under, I started to think of things that can easily carry me away from where I want to be. Just pondering for a few minutes, several came to my mind.
  • Reading or listening to anti-christian rhetoric - this serves to addle my faith, pulling me down.
  • Falling away from my daily devotions - leads to spiritual weakening.
  • Not taking advantage of quality time with my daughter - the dirty dishes will still be there tomorrow.
  • Letting laziness take charge in my life - complacency leads to stagnation which leads to decay.
  • Not investing in others - humans were made to live in community.
  • Relying on myself and my own strength - the quickest way to sink to the bottom and drown.
  • Falling prey to my own anxieties or what-ifs - if I could only reclaim all of the time I have lost to worry ...
  • Allowing others to infect me negative attitudes - I am an attractor of negativity, and once I pick it up, I become a broadcaster.
  • Losing control of my temper - too many have been hurt by my quick fuse.
  • Not watching my words carefully - too many relationships scuttled by not controlling my tongue..
The river to the ocean goes, a fortune for the undertow. None of this is going my way ...