Monday, April 25, 2011

A+ America 4

As Peter Griffin showed me several years ago, it is healthy to vent on the petty annoyances that pick at us and irk us on a daily basis. To that end, I write a regular stream of posts entitled "Grind My Gears". So far I have written more than 20 of them and have a long string of topics that I have jotted down in my note pad that are worthy of this banner. In order to balance the positive with the negative, the good with the bad, the yin with the yang, I decided that I would write a series called "A+ America". This series would contain the things that I come upon that show me that mankind has some redeeming qualities. So far, I have only written 3 posts in this category. While this says something about me and how I view the world, I also think it correlates with the goodness and generosity and loving spirit of the world at large.

However, I saw something so heart warming as I was driving to work the other day, that I knew that I had found the seed for my fourth entry in this positive series. Stapled to a telephone pole in my neighborhood was a simple hand-written sign that announced a yard sale. Of course this is a fairly common site, but the yard sale was announced to help pay for a missions trip. The address on the sign was located not too far from where I live in a working-class neighborhood. Nothing fancy. No manicured lawns or expensive cars. I suspect that selling some of the things that they owned was the only way that they could even consider paying for their travel. The notion was humbling to me, but more than that, it was inspiring and beautiful and Godly. Well done folks.