Friday, April 1, 2011


The full moon always seems to stir my imagination. Intellectually, it is no more than a barren rock that orbits our planet once a day, yet my mind always seems to dance with images of cartoon characters running around in search of the blue cheese mines. I guess this comes from watching too much television. I love to gaze up at that glowing orb in the night sky and just let the atmosphere and the clouds play games with my mind. Monopoly, twenty one, checkers, and chess. I talk to the man who lives up there, whose face peers down on the Earth below. I wonder what he sees from his perspective. I wonder if we seem as troubled to him as a people as I sense we are. His knowing wink, just a trick of the mind I guess. You might think that thoughts such as mine are ultimately a sign that there is some link between the phases of the moon and some other-worldly effects. In horror movies, it is always the lunar cycle that morphs man into werewolf. No, not so with me. It is just a fancy of thought, after all. Right? Moonstruck.