Monday, January 3, 2011

Next Door Savior

In Next Door Savior by Max Lucado, we have a book that essentially represents a collection of Sunday sermons or a daily devotional. Each chapter is separate from the others and each serves to illustrate a story or anecdote from the life of Jesus. Each is centered on the notion that while on earth as a person like any of us, Jesus was just as close as a next door neighbor. Yet at the same time, he was strong enough to handle whatever came his way. He served as the ultimate example. Always the right words, always the right attitude, always the right actions, and always the right thoughts. He was the sinless lamb, without blemish or defect. He was the son of the living God in heaven.

My take on this book is very similar to what I said in my review of his book Come Thirsty. There is nothing unexpected, super deep, or mind blowing in these pages. It is spiritual comfort food. Ready to speak truth to us and to remind us that our God fully understands everything that we are going through, not only because he is omniscient, but because he has been there
himself. He serves as a steady beacon of light that can take away the darkness from our lives.

In Next Door Savior, the chapters are each just a few pages long. The book can be ready cover to cover in just a few nights, or it can be stretched out over a few months, reading a chapter here and a chapter there. The idea of using it as a devotional is a particularly good idea. Sit down and complete a chapter with your morning or evening devotional and it will refocus your heart and keep you straight on your walk.