Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mindset 13

In the Mindset series I reminisce about some of my favorite memories of my daughter's life when she was younger. I hope that the task of writing these entries will serve me well, and I hope too that you will enjoy going on this trip with me.

Today's journey takes us to visit her art projects great and small. I loved how she would pour out her heart and soul on the canvas, whether that canvas was a scrap of paper, the back of a restaurant placemat, or a colorful piece of construction paper. When she was satisfied with her output, she would present it to me as a gift. When I would bring her to my office at work, she was so pleased to see her creations covering my walls. One time a student of mine offered cash for one of her works because he loved the form and the color. When I told my little one about this, she beamed like the brightest start. (Note: I did not sell that student the piece as his offer was far too low!). As the years passed, the production of my little Picasso dwindled to a halt. No more school art class. Other responsibilities and interests. Today the walls of my office are still a museum of her works. Here I have captured a bit of her child's eye, her innocence, her love, and how she saw the world. I think that she is still pleased to see them hanging on the walls, knowing how much I still treasure them.