Friday, January 21, 2011

Forgotten Lives

I just finished reading the eighth volume in Charles Swindoll's Great Lives series entitled Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives. The first seven volumes in this series all focused on the stories of specific individuals. In contradistinction, this volume turns its attention to a series of "forgotten" individuals, one chapter at a time. One might reason that folks whose lives are forgotten, might not have anything to teach us, but indeed they have been included in the Bible for good reason.

Even if it was written in Scripture long ago, you can be sure it's written for us. (Romans 15:4)

In other words, even folks who did not command front page headlines still have worthwhile and important lessons for our lives today. The list of folks included in this volume include:
  • Cain - first child of Adam and Eve.
  • Abraham - covenant father of the nation of Israel.
  • Esau - Son of Isaac, grandson of Abraham.
  • Achan - Israelite soldier during Jericho campaign.
  • Samuel - prophet of God, anointed David as king of Israel.
  • Saul - first king of Israel.
  • Abigail - Wife of Nabal, became wife of David.
  • Absalom - Son of King David, briefly reigned as King of Israel.
  • Rehoboam - Son of King Solomon, first king of Judah.
  • Jabez - Israelite whose name means "he makes sorrowful".
  • Naaman - Syrian general.
  • Gehazi - Servant of Elisha.
  • Uzziah - King of Judah.
It is amazing the timeless nature of the truths that the Bible can teach us. Truths about jealousy, vanity, servitude, honor, greed, humbleness, and courage. I loved the variety in this volume and how Swindoll approached each person. Definitely a worthwhile study and my personal favorite in the series. Now, onto the last volume in the series, Jesus, The Greatest Life of All.