Monday, January 10, 2011

The Fierce Storm

One friend posted that there was nothing better than being all cosy inside with her family. Board games and hot chocolate and a few movies. Just perfect. Another posted of how beautiful his yard looked as it all came down. Every branch and fence post accentuated and enhanced. Oh such a sight. Nearly everyone took it all in through eyes of admiration and majesty and awe. I would agree that there is something magical about the snow. As you watch it fall down and accumulate, something normally causes me almost to fall into a trance. A lovely daydream, a tickling fancy.

Oh for that word normally. But what to my wondering eyes should appear but a harrowing and confining mood. A frozen picture stolen out of an Admiral Byrd expedition diary. All at once I felt trapped, bottled up, at the mercy of the elements. No scream would be heard. A straight-jacket wrapped tight around the perimeter of my house. It was then that I looked over at my daughter who told me not to worry, and then she looked over at all of her goodies beneath the Christmas tree. She said, we'll figure out something to do.