Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mindset 11

In the Mindset series I reminisce about some of my favorite memories of my daughter's life when she was younger. I hope that the task of writing these entries will serve me well, and I hope too that you will enjoy going on this trip with me.

Today's journey takes us to visit a very fond memory with my daughter where we used to go for long walks together. We lived in an apartment complex that was quite large. Several dozen building units spread out over a large site. Around the perimeter of the complex was a nice paved walking path. Many evenings after we had eaten our supper, we would head outside and complete the circuit. Sometimes she would hold my hand and we would talk about our days. Other times she would find a nice stick to drag along the ground. At times we played games like follow the leader or "I'm thinking of an animal". On occasion we would veer off the path to get a Slushie at the next door 7-11 store. Each time we ventured out we found a unique and exciting adventure. I loved these times together because we left the T.V. and computer games behind and got to make our own fun. This was the best path for connection.