Friday, April 23, 2010

What You Value

Every year that my daughter Maddie and I have celebrated Easter together, just the two of us, she has had a visit from the Easter bunny. He usually hides a few candy-filled goodies around the living room for my little one to seek out. Some are placed in obvious locations, some hidden a bit more subtly. There is also always a nice big Easter basket filled with more candy, some money, a book, and, from time to time, a stuffed animal. The Easter bunny always makes sure to use my daughter's basket each year upon his visit. He then puts the basket in an oversized cellophane bag that is adorned with pretty flowers and egg shapes, and ties it up with a blue ribbon on which hangs a cardboard picture of himself looking his Easter best. After finding her eggs, Maddie always excitedly (but carefully) opens her basket and goes through everything. She then carefully folds up the cellophane bag and places the ribbon and bunny picture on top. That way they are ready for Mr. Bunny's next visit.

The other day, Maddie and I were walking out of Target after doing a bit of shopping. On the ground by the exit, she spied a cardboard picture of the Easter bunny that looked very similar to hers. She ran over to where it lay and claimed it as if she had found a valuable treasure. She beamed as she told me what she had found and how similar it was to hers. Later in the evening, I watched as she pulled the bunny out of her pocket and traced her finger around its edge. I saw her smile again. Sometimes the little things that don't cost a thin dime or have no value to any other soul are what can touch our hearts so deeply. Sometimes it's the little things that are important and valuable. What do you value?