Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Animal Among Us

A dad taking his kid to a baseball game is a scene straight out of a Normal Rockwell painting. This is the kind of adventure that builds relationships and memories. It is kind of a rite of passage in some ways ...

I read on espn that a man was arrested for vomiting intentionally on a girl and her father at a Philadelphia Phillies game. The incident started when a drunk man was screaming obscenities at the top of his lungs. He was acting like a rude, belligerant ass. When the young girl asked him to control his language, he swore at her and turned his inhuman behavior up a couple of notches. More swearing, taunting, and spitting all over the people seated around him. The man was then reported to security, who came to escort him from the stadium. Upon figuring out what was happening, he then went over to where the girl and her father were sitting and intentionally caused himself to vomit all over the two. What an animal.

Apart from the incident itself, my question is where did this person learn to act like this? Who were the "role models" that taught him this type of behavior? How could anyone act this way in public or treat others with such disregard for any standard of decency or respect? What causes people to believe that it is acceptable to be drunk or high in public? What should have been a wonderful adventure between an 11-year-old girl and her father has been completely destroyed. I sure it will have a long-lasting affect on her development and her attitude. I pray that she can find a way to wipe this memory from her life, to keep a positive attitude, and to come away unscathed. It turns out that the girl's father was a police officer. I hope this delinquent is made to pay a high price and made to get some help before he is let back into society again.